Anwar Budiman & Partners as a local law firm that provides a wide range of services such as: Advocate / Legal Advisor; Legal Consultant; Legal Audit; Legal Opinion; Labor Law Consultation (Industrial Relation, Collective Labor Agreement / Company Regulation)

We are provide services for handling any dispute through litigation as well as non-litigation. We are expert for: Labor Law, Industrial Relations, Contract Larv, Civil Law. Corporation Iaw / Business Law, Intellectual Property Rights Law. Criminal Law, and others.


Other services :
Provide profesional training to client for :

  1. Contract Law based on Civil Law and Business Law;
  2. Labor / Employment Contract Law;
  3. Industrial Relation & Solve of Indutrial Dispute

The chairman of Anwar Budiman & Partners Law Office is DR. Anwar Budiman SH., SE., MM., MH. He is a doctor of law, who has specialized expertise in Corporate law, Business law, Labor law, Bankruptcy law, Criminai law, and covers all Civil law.

He has a lot ofexperience to handle various disputes, such as corporate disputes, business disputes, labor disputes in many Japanese companies. Handling is done both outside the court and inside court Our team is expert, professional and has long experience in solving legal problems in Japanese Company, Multinational Company, and Public Issues.

While reaching for our goal, we strive to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide excellent consultation and value added services to our clients
  • Exploit our core competencies completely to deliver Effective, Efficient,
  • Economical, and Fast solirtions
  • Provide honest and factual information only
  • Aims to reduce client uncertainty and hesitation in making decisions


“We are committed to provide the best legal services with prioritising the norms of law, justice, and truth based on the Constitution”


Our Clients:
Japanese Company:

  • PT. Unicharm Indonesia
  • PT. TT. Techno Park lndonesia
  • PT. Kasai Teck See Indonesia
  • PT. TT. Metals Indonesia
  • PT. Mitusui Kinzoku Indonesia ACT
  • PT. Indonesia Smelting Technology
  • PT. Toyota Tsusho Indonesia
  • PT. Seiwa Indonesia
  • PT. Mahle Indoneia
  • PT. Seikisui Techno Molding Indonesia
  • PT. Marubeni Indonesia
  • PT. Trix Indonesia
  • PT. G-Teck Indonesia Manufacturing
  • PT. Plasindo Lestari
  • PT. Mory Industries


II. Others:

  • PT. Shuangfei Electric System Manufacturing
  • PT. Autolive Indonesia
  • PT. Lotte Chemical Engineering
  • PT. Sanly Industries
  • PT. Summit Seoyon Automotive Indonesia

Our Commitment

“We are committed to provide the best legal services with prioritising the norms of law, justice, and truth based on the Constitution”